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About Kilbella Marble Limited

Kilbella Marble Limited is exploring for marble along the inside passage of British Columbia, Canada, at Rivers Inlet.

The Company has secured an agreement with a well known BC mining company and a processing facility located in Richmond, BC to distribute high quality Canadian marble to global buyers.

We are currently seeking partners to further explore and develop the Kilbella Bay Marble-Gold-Silver-Copper Project.

Kilbella Marble

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Kilbella Marble

Project Background

The Kilbella Bay Project is located along the Inside Passage of British Columbia, Canada, near Vancouver Island covering nearly 2,000 hectares of historically underexplored land that is highly prospective for marble, gold, silver and copper.

Kilbella Mine Shaft

Recent sampling of the Kilbella Mine Shaft, directly adjacent to the shoreline and sunk to a depth of 30 metres, has shown anomalously high gold, silver and copper values from tailings and wall rock. Mapping has traced the mineralized shear zone for at least 550 metres, making this a prime target for further exploration.

Marble Unit

The primary marble unit on the property is exposed for up to 25 metres in thickness at two points on the shoreline, and is inferred to extend across a distance of 1,400 metres. This highly pure, coarse, white marble with well-formed crystals up to 20 millimetres in diameter is suitable for use in high-end decorative applications.

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